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Please find below a complete list of activities related to my research at U.of Bristol, EDAG, SEAT, AUDI, UPC and IQS


  • 2018-2021: PLASTFUN.html for plastic parts including funtionalise surface through nanopattern replication..


  • 2016-2019: vidresim.html Simulations of glass blowing.
  • 2014-2018: ECSTATE.html Simulations and testing of pulse damping on arteries using fully-coupled fluid structure interaction with hysteresis testing to take into account energy absorption during pulse arterial expansion. This is a 4 year project called ECSTATE running with IQS, Harvard-MIT Biomedical Engineering Center, South Western Sydney Clinical School, Hospital del Mar and PRBB.
  • 2014-today: MODELBENCH.html MODELBENCH tool to place question and need to modelling comunity for any subject and any scale of simulation.
  •    2013-2016: aim4np.html aim4np FP7 Automated In-line Metrology for Nanoscale Production: plastic injection simulations for nanosurface
  •    2012-2014: BBB.html Research with flow and diffusion simulations and testing of CAPILLARIES for BBB Blood Brain Barrier with MIT+Unizar Plan Nacional. Testing using Porous Biocompatible 3DPrinted materials.
  •    2011-today: POROUS.html POROUS medium simulation. Weight optimisation with Additive Manufacturing Lattice Strutures.
  •    2011-today: SAILFRACT.html SAILFRACT for Sailing Fracture using Simulation and Testing.
  •    2010-2013: STENT.html Research with flow and stiffness simulations and testing of ARTERIES with STENT MIT+Unizar Plan Nacional.
  •    2010-2011: RESTOPAM.html REsidual STresses and OPtimisation of Additive Manufaturing Marie Curie proposal.
  •    2009-2011: TECNOFUS.html Nuclear Fusion research TECNOFUS Ciemat Consolider Project.
  •    2009-2012: CO2.html CO2 enviroment reduction studies with flow and thermal simulations.
  •    2012-2013: NO3.html NO3 enviroment reduction studies with flow and thermal simulations.
  •    2007-2009: MOTOREV.html MOTOcicleta REVival. Research on engines and alternative energy motors, additive manufacturing and passive and active security application for motorcycles.
  •    2007-2008: DAVISITE.html DAVISITE for Damping Vibrations using Simulation and Testing. EXPLORA MICINN Proposal SACO1101X013263XV0.
  •    2004-2007: AUDI.html AUDI simulations and testing of FMVSS201U. Procedure to import and compare simulations and tests within a database. Methodology to evaluate risk on impacts.
  •    2001-2004: SEAT.html SEAT simulations of FMVSS201U and research on plastics, foams, textile... to generate database for simulation.
  •    2000-2001: EDAG.html EDAG engineering consultancy work using finite elements for automotive and aerospace industry.
  •    1996-2000: UBPHD.html British Aerospace- Residual Stresses on Wings of Supersonic Aircrafts to increrase their fatigue life including creep relaxation due to high temperatures - Garcia-Sachs versus X-ray and FEM-Abaqus simulations.
  •    1995-1996: UBPFC.html British energy- Residual Stresses on Thick Weld Components- Deep Hole Drilling. .


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