Welcome to my personal website.

My name is Andrés-Amador García Granada and I work as professor at IQS-URL Barcelona doing some research and teaching. I also used to teach just three hours a week at EUETIB-UPC Barcelona for mechanical engineers. Previously I worked for several companies such as SEAT and AUDI and indirectly for British Aerospace during my PhD and Nuclear Electric along my Master Thesis.


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  • Plastic with functiolase surface using nanopattern replication PLASTFUN.
  • Simulations of glass glowing  vidresim.
  • Student    work for Project Mi5  for innovative, interdisciplinary, international, iterative, incremental as reported by SolidWorks Education   to develop a showcase module  to be shown in a fair in Germany. New development for course 2015-2015  on youtube IQS coffee-maker, and final ITQ verion of Coffee-Maker. We use many documents like those stored in https://engineering4x4.wordpress.com/.
  • Simulations and testing of  pulse damping on  arteries using fully-coupled  fluid structure interaction with  hysteresis testing to  take into account  energy absorption during pulse arterial expansion. This is a 4 year project called ECSTATE running with IQS,   Harvard-MIT Biomedical Engineering Center,   South Western Sydney Clinical School,   Hospital del Mar and   PRBB.
  • Simulations and testing of plastic injection at nanoscale level with surface patterns in a mould with DLC to be transfered  to  a plastic part. For such measurements new portable AFM is developed within aim4np project. This is a 3.5 year  FP7 project called AIM4NP running with  TUDelft, CIN2 & CNM, CSIC, Anton Paar, SIOS, Nanoworld, TUWien, Nanosurf, VSL, Nanotools, PEPM, FLUBETECH, NTC Weiz and IQS.
  • Simulations and testing of recirculation and shear stress on arterial bifurcations to decide placement for STENTS. For this project  CATIA was used to provide doctors with a n interface that allows them to obtain geometry, CNC files for prototypes, simulation of flow fliles and 3Dprinting files. 3Dprinting was used for arteries and also for personalised supports to obtain a customised curvature.
  • Database for interaction with simulation community  called MODELBENCH  to place questions and answers about required simulations.
  • Several proposals  such as BBB with flow and diffusion simulations and testing of CAPILLARIES for BBB Blood Brain Barrier with MIT+Unizar Plan Nacional. Testing using Porous Biocompatible 3DPrinted materials, or  POROUS medium simulation. Weight optimisation with Additive Manufacturing Lattice Strutures or   RESTOPAM for REsidual STresses and OPtimisation of Additive Manufaturing Marie Curie proposal.
  • Enviromental projects such as  TECNOFUS Nuclear Fusion research  Ciemat Consolider Project or CO2 and NO3 enviroment reduction studies with flow and thermal simulations.
  • Simulations and testing previous to IQS working for industry for AUDI simulations and testing of FMVSS201U. Procedure to import and compare simulations and tests within a database. Methodology to evaluate risk on impacts. Previously working for SEAT simulations of FMVSS201U and research on plastics, foams, textile... to generate database for simulation and before that working for EDAG engineering consultancy work using finite elements for automotive and aerospace industry. 
  • Simulations and testing of  residual stresses, creep and  fatigue crack growth using Garcia-Sachs versus X-ray and FEM-Abaqus simulations during my PhD at University of Bristol or  simulations and testing  for thick welds on nucelar plant pipes during my Final year project also at Bristol using the Deep Hole Drilling.


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