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Welcome to our research Grup d'Enginyeris de Producte Industrial (Industrial Product Engineering Group) website



  • Guillermo Reyes Pozo (Main researcher, Manufacturing and 3Dprinting)
  • Andrés-Amador García Granada (Simulations and residual stresses)
  • Josep Maria Puigoriol Forcada (Materials mechanical behaviour and Structures)
  • Joaquín Menacho Solà Morales (Mathematical models and CFD simulations)
  • Marisa Espasa Sempere (Chemical and thermal models)
  • Núria Llaverías Baques (Construction and Environmental issues)
  • Ferran López Navarro (CAD Catia and SolidWorks)
  • Mercedes Peña (Mechanical parts and mechanisms)
  • (candidate) Marco Antonio Pérez Martínez (Composites and fracture)
  • (candidate) Jordi Pina i Estany (PhD candiadate: Simulations of plastic injection nanolevel)
  • (candidate) Alexander Lebrato González (PhD candidate: Residual stresses on coatings)
  • (candidate) Adrià Biosca Mecias (PhD candidate: Simulations of glass blowing)


  • Miquel Domingo (3Dprinting by FDM)





MEAAGG Mechanical Engineer

Andres Amador Garcia Granada

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