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• Generate know-how by means of participation to research and industrial projects.

• Know-how transfer from industry to university and viceversa.

• Publication of research results.

• Constant collaboration with industrial companies, research institutes and other research grops wothin IQS from Universitat Ramon Llull and other universities in order to improve the developement of new industrial products.

• Participation of local, national and international consortiums.

• Self funding through researc and service contracts with companies and participation in competitive research projects.

• Strong relations with international research institutes.




1.Calculation and design of industrial products

2.Product life cycle analysis

3.Additive manufacturing (commonly known as 3Dprinting)


GEPI research is carried out at LEPI (Laboratori d’Enginyeria de Productes Industrials = Industrial Prduct Engineering Laboratory) with several resources available for CAD-CAE-CAM (hardware and software), equipment for reverse engineering and manufacturing of prototypes and final parts.


Currently services are focused on these areas:


1. Reverse Engineering:

• 3Dscanning capabilities to obtain a 3Dshape in order to reproduce it, measure it, and compare it with native CAD files to make optimisation proposals.



•CAD (Computer Aided Design): Computer models of solids, surfaces, sheet metal bending, cores and cavities, design tables, oprimisation,...

•CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing): Automatised computer manufacturing of complex sahpes using a CNC machine .

•CAE (Computer Aided Engineering): Simulations using finite elements method (FEM).


3. Modeling, Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling:

• Fabrication of shapes to validate a design, prototypes to verify a function, tooling to improve production such as (cores and cavities, fixation rigs,...)


4. Mockup:

• Fabrication of real shapes to validate preliminary designs and help to decide changes to improve production.


5. Structural integrity assesment:

• Mechanical characterisation of materials.

• Numerical simulations of structures. Industrial CAE viability.

• Multicriteria analysis of structural integrity. Structural otimisations.


6. Engineering and consulting on PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and LCA (Life Cycle Assesment):

• Implementation of software for PLM, design and product development.

• Enviromental impact evaluation considering fabrication and distribution of industrial products.

• Determination and scoring of sostenibility markers for the product lifecycle analysis.


7. Biomedical and bioengineering applications:

• Design and simulation of flow within arteries. Digital image processing to fabricate tools and models for medical doctors to improve a common research.

• Design, simulation and fabrication of bioreactors and biosensors.


8. Additive Manufacturing:

• Fabriaction of short series production and personalised parts. Design modification considering the possibility of complex sahpes and reduction of numbers of parts with self assembled designs.

• Fabrication of artistic parts.

• Fabrication of unique replacement parts.


9. Design for additive manufacturing:

• Consulting to change engineering design from DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) to DFAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing).




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